Queen Aiona


Queen Aiona lived in the third age of prosperity.

Queen Aiona was the daughter of King Iagan IV and Queen Dalla. She came to the throne of Innis Galvay after the premature death of her older brother of blood flux.

Queen Aiona inherited much from her mother, the beauteous Queen Dallla’s. Rivaling not only her looks, but also her grit and idealism. Though she was more stoic than Queen owing to her upbringing as a Sister.

Joining the ranks of the Sisterhood of Gelvid aged twelve, she became a protector of the sect, enforcing their will and guarding their fist. Her skill with both sword and axe being known, with surprise, to many an enemy. Many of her lifes adventures can be found within the Tales of Galvay;an anthology of stories and historical accounts from Innis Galvay.

Queen Aiona married Taarna the Haig.

Queen Aiona

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