(Extra Appearence: Has a similiar tattoo to Aiona’s, though hers is different due to her own history and deeds. Has a sword wound scar on her stomach beneath her belly button)


Age: 24
Religion: Worshipper of Gelvid
Race/Clan: Human, of Unknown Clan.

Background: Orphaned at a young age, she was given to the Sisterhood of Gelvid to be brought up, where she learned how to wield white magic to heal and destroy. She met Aiona there, not knowing who she was at first, they fell in love.

Personality: Gentle and soft-spoken, kind and generous. A natural healer in all ways.
Skills/Special Abilities: Taarna can calm enraged animals and cure diseases and illness.
Fears/Dreams: She desperately fears going down a path of evil and darkness. Dreams of marrying Aiona.


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