Aiona of The Black Wulf


(Extra appearence: has an intricate tattoo down her spine and across her shoulders, denoting her deeds and rank within the sisterhood and her clan)


Age: 28
Religion: Worshipper of Gelvid
Race/Clan: Human, of Clan Black Wulf
Background: Aiona is the third heir to the Black Wulf clan and to the Throne of Innis Galvay. She has two older brothers and one younger sister. She grew up in the capital Rennick before joining the Sisterhood of Gelvid at twelve.
Personality: Strong and brave, yet kind and even tempered, she is a born leader; intelligent and quick to learn. Bad at healing magic, but with a powerful holy wrath to smite her foes.
Skills/Special Abilities: Skilled with the longsword and with axes. Has powerful offensive white magic.
Fears/Dreams: Fears becoming queen. Dreams of becoming queen.

Aiona of The Black Wulf

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